ViagraAt present, Viagra is referred to as one of the most effective and popular treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED). It helps increase the stiffness of the penis, sufficient for a proper coitus.


Viagra is intended for the treatment of potency disorders of psychological or organic etiology. Men over the age of 18 take Viagra to get a firm, long-lasting erection.


A single company, Pfizer, owns the rights to manufacture and distribute Viagra in the pharmaceutical market. The active pharmaceutical substance of Viagra that provides the required effect is Sildenafil.


Viagra is available in the form of diamond-shaped film-coated or orodispersible tablets of blue color. Because of its small size and color, Viagra is often referred to as the little “blue pills”.


  • Orodispersible tablets (ODT) contain 50 mg of Sildenafil.
  • Film-coated tablets contain 25 mg, 50 mg, or 100 mg of the active component Sildenafil.


Each original Viagra tablet has an imprint “Pfizer” and “VGR 25”, “VGR 50” or “VGR 100” (depending on the dosage, accordingly).


Viagra pills are manufactured by Pfizer Company since 1998. In pharmacies, you can buy Viagra pills, packed in:


  • Bottles (30 or 100 tablets)
  • Blisters (2, 4, 8, 12 or 24 tablets)
  • Individual packs (1 or 2 tablets)


Conventional Viagra tablets should not be halved or chewed – it is just enough to wash them down with clean water. ODT tablets dissolve in your mouth in a few seconds, so you don’t need to wash them down with water.


Individual packs with Viagra tablets easily fit in your pocket or wallet. Therefore, men who want to be ready for casual sex any time, can always carry a Viagra pack with them.


Mechanism of action


The effect of Viagra is aimed at a rapid and prolonged improvement of male sexual ability. These little “blue pills” contribute to the restoration of a firm erection by increasing the production of nitric oxide (NO) and improving blood circulation in the penis.


Viagra has a strong vasodilator effect, and also indirectly helps to relax the smooth muscles of the penis. Thus, Viagra contributes to a persistent erection in the presence of sexual arousal.


The action of Viagra begins approximately 20 or 30 minutes after the tablet administration. To achieve the maximum hardness of the penis, Viagra should be taken about 30-60 minutes before the expected sexual intercourse.


Dosing regimen


An adequate dose of Viagra is selected individually for each man. Within 24 hours, it is recommended to take no more than one prescribed dose of this medication.


Men, who aim restoration or increase in their sexual ability, can use three different strengths of Viagra.


  • The initial recommended dose of 50 mg
  • The maximum prescribed dose of 100 mg
  • The minimum therapeutic dose of 25 mg


Duration of the therapeutic Viagra effect is approximately 4 hours. Fatty foods can significantly slow down the onset of the therapeutic Viagra effect. To get an erection as quickly as possible, it is recommended to take this drug for sexual problems on an empty stomach.